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Christmas Décor 3D Set of 4

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Christmas Décor 3D Set of 4

Christmas has always been a special time of year for most families. This is finally the time when you can spend some quality time together without worrying about work or school. All that’s on the agenda is to decorate the home and watch family movies together.

When it comes to decoration, you want to do something special to really impress your family. Instead of opting for the conventional Christmas décor, why not do something else for a change? Wooden Christmas decorations are very beautiful and extremely authentic. They capture the spirit of Christmas perfectly and simply tie the whole place together effortlessly.

If you want to teach your children about the true value of Christmas, show them that hard work and handmade works of art are still valued. There’s no better way to get that message across than with Wooden Christmas decorations.


  • Handmade and artisan crafted
  • Red and green ribbons provided
  • Size of each decoration: 35 to 50 mm diameter x 3mm thick
  • Weight of box: 40 grams
  •  Set includes the Tree, Bell, Heart and Holly
  • Lightweight and a perfect gift to send overseas
christmas décor 3d set - 0
christmas décor 3d set - 1

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