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Watch me grow kit

3yrs +

Bring a favourite fairytale to life by growing your very own ‘beanstalks’. Kids will love hearing the story of Jack planting magic beans that grew overnight and relating it to the beans you plant in our Watch Me Grow Kits. They will be enthralled learning about plant growth, being involved with watering them and watching them transform every day.

Take the children out to the garden and find plant in all different stages of growth, help the children to learn and discover the process of growing something and the requirements and commitment involved in gardening.

Teach the children about sustainable living and growing their own food, maybe have them pick some ripe vegetables and try eating them to show the full process and results of growing things.

The kit is reusable and includes timber stands, test tubes, water droppers, cotton buds & snow pea beans. Place in a well-lit area, out of direct sunlight, to achieve maximum results. Once the beans have sprouted they can be transferred to a larger pot or garden bed. The stands can also be painted and/or decorated if desired.

The stand is an all Australian Made And Owned product.

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